Black Country Inspired Core Clips

Our core range of cask beer pump clip designs draws inspiration from our area’s landmarks and industrial heritage, in a bright modern colouring and polaroid-style presentation.

The initial idea centred around celebrating our local heritage in the Black Country whilst still wanting to maintain the bright, colourful and clean branding we have in our keg & can branding.

Our local area has a rich history and selecting which elements to include was no easy task! Once we had decided on the style and colour scheme for the artwork, we trialled many different industries and landmarks until we found the ones we thought best suited the style.

The Black Country is now recognised by UNESCO as a Global Geopark for the Geology of the landscape and the industry that grew from it that drove the industrial revolution.

Blonde – 4.2%
Inspired by – Red House Glass Cone 
The Red House glass cone is at the heart of the Stourbridge Glass Quarter and is the most complete structure of its kind in Europe. Built in the late 1700’s it is an integral part of the local industrial landscape, after operating for over 150 years it is now a museum and visitor centre.
Tasting Notes
Style: Blonde
Look: Pale
Aroma: Fruity
Flavour: Sweet, Smooth



Session – 4.0%
Inspired by – Dudley Castle
Situated on a limestone ridge inside the area of the Black Country Geopark the castle in some form has overlooked the surrounding areas since c.1070.
Tasting Notes
Style: Session IPA
Look: Pale
Aroma: Passion Fruit
Flavour: Tropical Fruit




Zesty – 3.8%
Inspired by – Colliery Wheel
Mining the mineral-rich area shaped the landscape over centuries, a 10-yard coal seam that ran beneath most of the black country and the heavy industry and smoke that followed the extraction of this are credited with giving the area its name.
Tasting Notes
Style: Pale
Look: Bright Gold
Aroma: Lemon
Flavour: Honey, Citrus



Bostin Bitter – 3.8%
Inspired by – Chain Makers
From the 1840’s the area was the centre for chain manufacturing of all sizes and for a variety of applications, including surprisingly (for a landlocked area) chain specifically for marine use.
Tasting Notes
Style: Bitter
Look: Dark Gold
Aroma: Floral
Flavour: Biscuit



Bostin’ Mild – 3.2%
Inspired by – Iron Workers
Chain was not the only thing coming out of the forges in the Black Country, steel tubing, nuts, bolts, and nails were all manufactured and possibly most famously the anchor for the Titanic was created across multiple sites.
Tasting Notes
Style: Mild
Look: Ruby
Aroma: Caramel
Flavour: Chocolate