Venue Hire

Want to hire our unique brewery space?
Select your preferred date on the calendar and complete the form below, we will send you an email when your booking has been reserved. Then we will be in touch to get the details sorted!


How much is the room?
Free! We ask for a £100 deposit only. If you spend enough money and behave yourselves, we give you the deposit back.

How many people can the room hold?
150 people can fit into the room, we wouldn’t recommend bringing less than 50 people though, it can feel a little lonely!

Can I bring my own food?
We don’t provide food, just wicked beers and spirits. Bring your own food along or book a vendor. If you’re not sure who to ask, we have a list of awesome people who provide great food.

What do I do about music?
We have speakers, but if you want to be dancing the night away, we recommend getting yourself a DJ or a band.

Still got a question? Give us a call on 01384 377666 or email

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